Time is the worst enemy of data
A corporation fails every 3 minutes
A new business is formed every 58 seconds
A company name change occurs every 15 minutes
A business files for bankruptcy every 8 minutes
A directorship changes every 32 seconds
A share ownership change happens every 6 minutes
A company changes control every 15 minutes
A new set of accounts are keyed every 36 seconds
A business address changes every 15 seconds
A business telephone number changes every 24 seconds
D&B's database is updated every 3.9 seconds
D&B holds information on 132,710,013 businesses
91,442,747 are actively trading
56,382,759 are marketable businesses
11,802,075 are linked to a corporate family tree
D&B distinguishes 1,701,674 corporate family trees
D&B contains 560,000,000 payments and bank experiences
D&B holds 130,000,000 Public Records
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