This rising cost of acquisition, increased competition, pressure on margins and other market forces means it is now far more effective for organisations to invest in specialised products to assist in achieving their goals.

Dun & Bradstreet can help your business access highly configurable solutions that will drive smarter customer acquisition decisions, improved retention, fewer errors and reduce costs.

Credit process reviews

Achieve visibility across the assessment process with reports that assist the monitoring and review of your credit system.

Application volume, approval and reject rates

Receive reports showing your company’s application volumes and decisions on a month-by-month basis, broken down into key business areas.

Scorecard stability

With scores tracked against a baseline distribution or defined risk grade, you can monitor changes in the percentage of applicants across score bands, with major shifts indicating a need to investigate further.

Credit policy impacts

Tracking the impact of policy rules on your decisions will highlight the effectiveness of your business’s current decisioning process.

Credit risk management

With significant experience working with customers in Australian and international credit markets, Dun & Bradstreet can support your business to optimise its risk management processes.

Our consultants will help your business:

  • develop best practice credit management approaches
  • optimise consumer and commercial risk management approach
  • understand and measure the effectiveness of credit bureau products
  • unlock the value of automation in relation to credit processes
  • monitor risk models and processes.