Customer identification and verification play a critical role in meeting anti-money laundering regulations and for maintaining an accurate customer database.

Address your business’s know-your-customer compliance obligations and reduce the business costs associated with outdated and inconsistent data with our D&B greenID solution.

D&B greenID

With the industry’s best match rates for AML/CFT compliance, D&B greenID can be easily integrated into your customer onboarding and administration processes to verify the identity of your customers.

Designed by market-leading software company, Edentiti, the Dun & Bradstreet solution provides active, multi-stage verification to deliver higher identification rates and a better customer experience.

D&B greenID can help your business:

  • meet its statutory identification obligations, including those under New Zealand’s Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act
  • verify customers by corroborating their name, address and DOB details against multiple reliable and independent government, public and private data sources including our consumer credit bureau
  • increase match-rates and reduce drop-offs using multi-stage verification functionality
  • reduce operational costs and administration by verifying and opening customer accounts in a fast, accurate and online manner
  • provide detailed reporting and audit information for your ongoing compliance requirements.

Available for integration as a plug-in, standalone solution or web service API, D&B greenID is the market-leading identity verification solution.

Driver licence validation

Verify the authenticity of customers providing a driver licence as proof-of-identification with Dun & Bradstreet’s driver licence validation.

Driver licence validation can provide valuable identity verification in your credit application process for customers with a thin-credit file. With approximately 93 per cent of all New Zealand adults over the age of 18 licensed to drive, driver licence validation can significantly improve your credit acceptance rates.

The solution is also ideal for transportation companies looking to confirm the identity and licence class of drivers.